Injections to Avoid Total Knee Arthroplasty

Degenerate arthritis of the knee is a painful, disabling condition. The surfaces of our knee bones (femoral tibia) are lined by smooth, glistening articular cartilage which allows the bones to painlessly glide  on each other. The cartilage or pad of the knee wears down as we age and the bones grind on one  another which causes pain and stiffness. The best analogy is that of a car tire losing its tread and the rim of the tire grinds on the road (ouch!!!).

The surgical solution for degenerative arthritis is a Total Knee Arthroplasty (Replacement) which has been a spectacular procedure to allow pain free motion. The knee surgeons at The Los Angeles Orthopaedic Institute are aggressive in this procedure and we have helped thousands of patients to regain mobility.

The surgery, however, is still a big step for most patients and we are constantly searching for non-operative solutions to avoid surgery but yet allow our patients to function without pain.

The newest non-surgical treatment which has been successful is PRP injections of the knee. PRP is platelet rich plasma which entails drawing the patients own blood and concentrating the growth factors and injecting the concentrate into the knee joint of the patient. The procedure is done in the office and is a minimal discomfort. PRP has shown an ability to grow cartilage, recruit stem cells and has anti-inflammatory activities to reduce pain and slow down the arthritis cycle.

The surgeons at The Los Angeles Orthopaedic Institute are specialists in PRP injections and we are excited to share the new technology with our patients in hopes of avoiding a total knee arthroplasty.

Please call our office and schedule an appointment to see if you are a good candidate for PRP injections.

Keep Moving!!!

Dr. Domenick Sisto

Super Doctor

I am pleased to announce that I have been selected by The Los Angeles Magazine to be recognized as a “Super Doctor” in Southern California. This is an important honor as only a select few are chosen and the selection committee is composed of other orthopaedic surgeons in Southern California. My peers have selected me as a “Super Doctor” for the past ten years and I am grateful and humbled by this distinction.
I am the founding member of The Los Angeles Orthopaedic Institute which is one of the largest private practice groups in Southern California. All of our doctors are board certified, fellowship trained specialists who deliver the highest level of up to date, innovative care. We also have 3 Physician Assistants who extend the care we deliver and compliment the six orthopaedic surgeons in our group.
We are excited by the “Super Doctor” recognition and all the doctors at The Los Angeles Othopaedic Institute look forward to helping our patients stay healthy and pain free.
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Dr. Domenick Sisto