George W. Bush has a Partial

This past Memorial Day weekend our former president, George W. Bush underwent a partial knee replacement surgery in Chicago, Illinois. The knee has three compartments consisting of the medial (inside), lateral (outside) and the patello-femoral (front) compartments. The surfaces of our bone in all 3 compartments are lined by smooth, glistening articular cartilage which allows the bones to glide on each other. When this smooth articular cartilage is lost, the bones grind on one another and cause pain. The best analogy is when a tire tread wears down on a car and the rim is grinding on the road. That sounds painful as well!!!

A full knee replacement is when ALL 3 compartments are resurfaced with a metallic cap on the thigh bone (femur) and plastic caps on the tibia bone (shin) and patella (knee cap). This is a great operation when ALL 3 compartments are involved BUT frequently only one compartment has arthritis (loss of articular cartilage) and a MUCH smaller partial knee arthroplasty (replacement) can be done. The advantages of a partial knee arthroplasty is a shorter hospital stay, less discomfort, significantly less complication rate and a much quicker recovery. This is why George W. had a partial knee replacement and why he will be clearing brush on his Texas ranch soon.

Fortunately, residents of California do not have to travel to the windy city to have the best partial knee replacement surgery. Dr. Domenick Sisto, trained at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC, is located in Sherman Oaks and in Palmdale, California. Dr. Sisto has published many peer-reviewed scientific articles on the advantages of a partial knee replacement and he has performed more patello-femoral replacements than anyone else in the entire state of California.

If you have knee pain and have been told you need a Total Knee Replacement, do like George W. Bush and get on your horse and go to the experts to have your partial knee replacement performed. We at the Los Angeles Orthopaedic Institute will get you back on your feet in no time flat, partner.

Keep Moving!

Dr. Sisto

Of Mice and Men

The big scientific news this week was the research done at Stanford and Harvard where older mice were injected with the blood of younger mice. The older mice significantly improved their mental functions and added significant amounts of muscle mass.

The airwaves have been rocking with this news as it heralds the possibility of delaying and, eventually, reversing the aging process. The Fountain of Youth may be in our not too distant future.

Of course, the study was preliminary and in mice and human trials have not been done BUT the researchers have identified the protein factor in the young blood that they believe is the active factor. It is a growth differentiation protein which stimulates stem cells to differentiate into new, fresh cells throughout the body. Stem cells are those that are pluripotential meaning that they can become many different types of cells depending on the environment they are placed in. There is exciting early work being done in the knee which may allow us to eventually replace meniscus and articular cartilage!

At the Los Angeles Orthopaedic Institute we are committed to restoring cartilage and making our patients’ knees as young as possible. We routinely perform Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, Hyalgan injections and perform mini invasive surgeries to keep the knees young and active. Please call us to discuss these exciting new treatments to keep everyone active and mobile!

After all, if mice can do it so can we!

Keep Moving!

Dr. Sisto